VISTAS will be a unique way of interaction between different levels of economy and proactive cooperation throw different sectors in a fast changing and mobile reality.


Establish REALITIES where Innovators , Creative and Entrepreneur flourish.

Our Philosoph:

‎Starting from Smart ideas, planing and strategies, implementing with Creative action, management and implementation to Develop sustainable and competitive ecosystem of enterprises and initiatives.


  • People: To develop a workforce with the talent and skill to power the business in Albania.
  • Place: To make the innovative HUB's and attractive place with the right infrastructure and atmosphere for business location and visitors.
  • Technology: Using the up-to-date technology or choosing the proper one for the best solutions and procedures. ‎
  • Creativity: The filling and passion that we transmit throw our work to our partners, collaborators and clients.
  • Innovation: Thinking outside the box to pass the challenge that we have in daily bases.
  • Entrepreneurship: To foster enterprise and new entrepreneurs ‎to create employment and prosperity.

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