Our main Philosophy is to vertically integrate different levels of public decision makers and main regional stakeholders with horizontal interaction of players and actors in a crosscutting area of industries and city life.

Betahaus / Tirana

Transforming unused public CULTURAL buildings or ex-industrial sites to the main City HUB’s of COMMUNITY, CO-WORKING, STARTUPS, CREATIVITY, RECREATION, INOVATION, TOURISM and growth.

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The creation of a community school model for a stable development, utilizing five essential components in five high schools, located in different regions across the country, as well as enabling active interaction between them in order to exchange and spread out good practices which would lead to an effective network and an ecosystem of high schools which would lead to innovation and opportunities to improve the process of learning by emphasizing practical learning and the involvement of the community.

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FORUM for Smart & Creative Growth

The objective of the forum is to gather and share ideas, knowledge, experiences and best practices among researchers, public authorities and professionals that will merge into a vision of a "smart city" and "creative economy" for sustainable and intelligent development.

It is aimed to provide a unique and interactive dynamic platform for discussion and challenging debates on the issue by bringing together a multiplicity of local and international public and private bodies and organizations.

This will create the foundation of an effective collaboration and willingness to put in practice such new, innovative ideas by leveraging new technologies, infrastructure, design, and planning techniques for future development of the area.

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City HUB

City HUB will become a central network of co-working spaces with all necessary amenities. It will be the promoting & connecting hub for startup's, innovative and creative people & life in the Region.

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Maker Space

An ideal makerspace is a large, central, open space where people can brainstorm, build, and work together on their creations. Many of the new tools and equipment available in makerspaces are increasing accessibility and the ability of individuals with disabilities to build and create. 3-D printers, laser cutters, and other computer-aided design tools are opening up the possibilities for what all people can make

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Innovation Hub Tirana will serve as catalyst for startup companies whose technologies will be emanated from innovative people in Tirana and across the state. Our mission is to provide them with the infrastructure, logistics and resources required to get up and run effectively and efficiently. In doing so, the Innovation Hub aims to help those companies and others bring research discoveries to the marketplace, creating additional jobs for innovative individuals.

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