With a broad experience and cooperation in different sectors of economy, we offer a wide range of skills, services and solutions for different types and shapes of projects. We are oriented to project management and technical consultancy and the need of change make what we represent and us who we are. Our offer is complex and work well in multi-disiplinary and crosscutting areas of fast changing realities.
Just to mention some of our Services:
Projecting / Business Advisory Services / Development Management / Public Administration / Capacity Building / Studies and Market Surveys / Outsourcing / Public Relation / Sustainability / Training / Planning and Administration / Feasibility Study / Assessments etc ...

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Construction: Urban Development

Urban development is the art of giving shape, form and identity to groups of buildings, to whole community and the city. Urban development mix architecture, infrastructure, construction, landscape architecture, and city planning together to make urban areas functional and attractive.
We can prepare professional expertise, project ideas, detailed projects, through our well-qualified experts. We have established a serious think tank and a laboratory together with technicians and thinkers on innovative ideas and innovative techniques, who can make cities better livable. In addition, we realise different project in construction of public and private buildings, residencial and commercial one, educational and touristic complexes.
Sectors: Architecture, Design & Urban Planning / Construction, Building & Civil Engineering / Public Works & Infrastructure

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Environment & Energy Efficiency

Vistas enterprises can prepare professional expertise in energy audit and building certification, green project ideas and detailed projects from our architects and engineers specialised in innovative technologies. We can give professional trainings in energy auditor, with international experts and Marin Barleti professors.
Our laboratory of qualified experts will develop and implement different projects and feasibility studies in environment and energy efficiency, for public authorities and private companies.


Information & Communication Technologies

ICT business consist on those firms that provide tools and technologies, solutions and application as well as support in designing, developing and delivering all the required soft and hard infrastructure for creating a digital innovative economy.
As a leader among cloud computing providers, VISTAS offers cloud services and ICT solutions based on experience in virtualization, data centre, security, networking and private, public or hybrid cloud.
CRM strategies for managing company’s relationships and interactions with the customers, helping to improve the profitability of the company.
VISTAS’s strategy experience and analytical expertise in examining large variety of data types, help ensure that businesses build the right capabilities to mine data for insights.
WEB DESIGN & APP DEVELOPMENT Medialb offers custom website design and web development, and a full range of Webdesign Solutions for both the small business and large enterprises: from Applications ( Apps Programming ) to eMarketing ( Digital Marketing Online ), SEF ( Search Engine Friendly ) and SEO ( Search Engine Optimization ), CMS ( Content Management System ), Hosting and Domain Name Registration, eCommerce, Real Estate, etc.

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Education & Training

Includes schools, universities, vocational training centers, research institutions that could use the Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) to be more efficient in learning processes, to innovate, to solve complex problems and access wider and more up-to-date knowledge as well as to make research more open, global, collaborative, creative and closer to society.

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Foster a viable, high quality food production by developing a competitive and innovative agro-food sector, able to sustain the competitive pressure in the domestic and EU markets and meeting EU standards and market requirements. KNOWLEDGE TRANSFER: fostering knowledge transfer and innovation in agriculture, forestry and rural areas; COMPETITIVENESS: enhancing the viability /competitiveness of all types of agriculture, and promoting innovative farm technologies and sustainable forest management; FOOD CHAIN: promoting food chain organization, animal welfare and risk management in agriculture; ECOSYSTEMS: restoring, preserving and enhancing ecosystems related to agriculture and forestry; RESOURCE EFFICIENCY: promoting resource efficiency and supporting the shift toward a low-carbon and climate-resilient economy in the agriculture, food and forestry sectors SOCIAL INCLUSION: promoting social inclusion, poverty reduction and economic development in rural areas.

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Tourism,Travel & Leisure

Tourism is a major force in the economy of the world, an activity of global importance and significance. It comprises a wide variety of products and destinations and involves many different stakeholders, both public and private, with areas of competence very decentralized, often at regional and local levels. It is one of largest industries in the world and the key contributor for economic growth of localities and regions. Its development and progress is accompanied by generation of new jobs in direct as well as in indirect sectors, across the full range of skill levels. Tourism – includes attractions, accommodation, travel trade services, transportation, food services, travel entertainment sector, events, and Cultural heritage. The ICTs and its applications could bring fundamental changes in the tourism industry such as in the tourist behaviors, tourism management approaches, structures as well as innovative models.

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Cultural & Creative Industries

It will be an environment of excellence based on creative assets that generates socio-economic Growth and development, and comprises three interlinked components:
• Economy ( Clusters ) – Creative Industries: companies and organizations of the cultural and creative sectors as economic, social and cultural engines.
• Place ( Facilities ) – Creative Spaces: places as spaces of cultural and creative production and consumption that attract resources, people and capitals.
• People ( Communities ) – Creative Talent: People with personal abilities that nurture creativity, with an entrepreneurial spirit enhancing the creation of innovative business
Sectors: Cultural Heritage & Traditions / Performing & Visual Arts, Music / Architecture & Design / Film Commission, Photography / Crafts & Fashion / Literature & Publishing / Culinary & Beverage / Advertising, Marketing & Graphics / Multimedia, TV & Radio / ICT, Software, Computer Services / etc ...

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​BUSINESS TERMINAL: Service & Support Center

BUSINESS TERMINAL: The TERMINAL aim is to provide the entire local business community an inclusive sharing platform to foster competitiveness, innovation, creativity, networking and build upon knowledge. Startup..
BUSINESS SERVICES CENTER: business pit stop (one stop shop for business services) that offer - advisory services for the drafting of Business plans / assist the technical proposals; advisory services for the management of economic activity; and Covers All Business Departments: Planning & Management / Sales & Marketing / Human Resources / Finance & Accounting / Internet & Technology / Operations & Logistics / Real Estate / Legal Services.
CITY HUB: spaces for entrepreneurship, creativity and innovation. The City Hub is an innovative private and public support center located in Tirane. The aims of the City Hub is to provide a community sharing facility to foster creativity, networking and build upon knowledge, supporting the local business community and public actors. A space that creates energy and enthusiasm, while inspiring creativity and ambition; one that enables us to connect the vast possibilities of the digital economy to our everyday lives.

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Market, Trade & Commerce

This area is focalized on how to promote, commercialize and promote local products, local services, artisanal and traditional products to the worldwide market. It is a matter of how we create brands for our product, how we establish public-private partnerships for greater efficiency in the functioning of networks of local creative firms, which capacity-building activities are necessary to improve entrepreneurial skills and trade and whic​h ​investment-related policies are recommended to trade on specific local creative products.

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​Graphic Industries

The Company provides a full range of printing and graphic communications services for major Albanian markets. Traditional printing processes represent the large majority of the printed volume but are strongly impacted by digitalization all along the printing process and all the operation before and after the printing process.
Graphics & Design Studio / City Outdoor Lab & Furniture / Printing & Publishing / Large Printing & Adhesive Application / Signs & Way-finding / Promotional Merchandise & Gifts / Display, Expo & Show Room / Graphic Industry Materials

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Kompleks turistik i perbere nga: Fshati Turistik, Hotel Bregdetar, Kompleks Sportiv, Qender Shendeti etj... Vetëm 35 km nga Tirana dhe po aq nga Aeroporti dhe Porti. Rrethuar nga nje gjerdan kodrash, buzë një bregdeti ranor dhe brenda një pylli me pisha..


Kompleks polifunksional i vendosur prane diges se liqenit artificial Ai do te perbehet nga Rezidenca e Banimit, Qendra Tregtare, Hapesira rekreative kafene, restorante dhe hotel. Hapesira biznesi, zyra dhe ambiente tregtare. Hapesire e gjelberuar dhe oborr i brendshem. Parkimi nendheshem me sistem qenror sigurie...


Godinë arsimore 5 dhe 6 kate me 1 kat nëntokë dhe strukturë metalike tip urë lidhëse me godinën ekzistuese Kjo hapesire polifunksionale do te akomodoje: Universitetitn Barleti, City Hub hapesire publike pune, City Lab hapesira kerkimi aplikuar, Garazhdi Mekr Space hapesira prodhimi dhe manifekture etj...


City HUB will become a central network of co-working spaces with all necessary amenities. It will be the promoting & connecting hub for startup's, innovative and creative people & life in the Region.


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We work with:
- public sector,
- central government and national institutions,
- regional government and institutions,
- local government and institutions, private sector,
- large enterprises,
- micro, small and medium enterprises.


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